Vagrant Tools for WordPress Development

The whole Vagrant ecosystem is developing rapidly with numerous tools being updated and created.¬†While it’s hard to keep up with all the new individual software entrants, there are a couple of tools that I keep coming back to as I become more comfortable with my WordPress development workflow. Vagrant Tools VVV (Varying Vagrant Vagrants) Alison […]

Importing OVF Files Into Virtualbox

In order to quickly create a new WordPress virtual machine, download a new appliance from Turnkey Linux’s WordPress page. For this specific post, download the ‘zip’ file from the ‘OVF’ link. Once downloaded, unzip the file and hack away! See the screenshots for a quick overview, or dive in and read the article.

A Case for Virtual Machines

When Tinkering Gets Out of Hand As a content management system, WordPress excels at tracking your content. By simply applying a new theme, the feeling and tone of the underlying content can be perceived in new and expressive ways. So, what do you do when you’re ready to go beyond tweaking a few lines in […]