New Role: Software Engineer

At the start of the year, I transitioned to a new role as a Software Engineer building Local: loving it! I’m so excited to learn from a fantastic team and have the space to focus on profoundly learning Javascript.

Coming into this role is an exciting transition for me. I’ve worked in technology for over nine years, many spent doing “WordPress developer” things. That means wearing many hats, from code-wrangler to content creator to SEO strategist – when you WordPress, you ensure you have a voice on the web.

So what’s different? Well, as a Software Engineer, my day-to-day work is different than the WordPress sites created while working with Peaceful Media. It’s also less focused on the communication and leadership skills I improved while working in the Flywheel support organization. And I’m not doing as much technical writing or presenting like I was as the Local Community Manager.

Building Local means crafting Javascript (it is built on Electron), but it also means being proficient in other things too:

  • Compiling and configuring Lightning Services (i.e., native binaries) for various pieces of server software like Apache, Nginx, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Working with HTTPS (along with TLS & SSL) and figuring out how those pieces of tech work under the hood.
  • Knowing the quirks of WordPress and making the development tool I wish I had when initially doing agency work.

So yeah, many of these topics aren’t entirely new to me, but building with Electron definitely is. Also, building with Javascript is unique, with the frameworks and community constantly changing. And I’ve never done this sort of development in Emacs.

There’s much to learn, but that’s what this new role and the new year are for. Learning and improving my workflow, refining my craft as a developer, and writing about the process!