Extracting Single Files From a Zip

I’ve been working with lots of zip files lately – site backups mostly. Often times this is because of some error message referring to a file contained within the archive. When the zip is quite large, having to extract gigabytes of information just to view the contents of one file is annoying. Because of this … Continued

Replacing Newlines in Vim Searches

While trying to get a clearer view of a line of text with 5 million characters in it, I ran into some nuances in Vim’s search and replace. The main issue was that replaceing the search string with a newline character – \n wasn’t visually creating a new line in the Vim buffer. I found … Continued

Using Spacemacs

A few months ago I started to use Spacemacs and org-mode to organize my writing and tasks. Being a Vim user has meant that I haven’t gone all it, but almost.

Process for Building a Find Command

While I was setting up logrotate on a server, I needed to traverse a large user directory to find all of the log files, ideally sorted by their size, excluding the mail directory. This is how I built up the command.

Using Unix Date for Bash Filename Timestamp

I’ve started using a neat Bash trick for inserting time stamps into file names — insert a timestamp using command substitution (posix specification): Yes, this is a pain to type out — the first time. But going to the effort of writing this out allows us to quickly recall a command which gives us a filename … Continued

Speaking at WordCamp PDX About Roots.io

The schedule has been finalized for the 2017 PDX WordCamp, happening on September 23rd at Lewis and Clark College. There are a lot of great talks, and I’m glad that I can contribute to the community by sharing my knowledge of managing a WordPress site using the various Roots.io projects. As of right now, all … Continued

WP Asciinema Plugin

I created a plugin called WP Asciinema to help add Asciicasts created using https://asciinema.org/ to WordPress. This is plugin is meant to help self-host asciicasts on your WordPress site. If you are simply wanting to include asciicasts from asciinema.org, then take a look at their embedding guidelines. Usage This plugin adds a shortcode to help display the … Continued