Vim Learning Resources

It’s been just under two years since I made the switch to using Vim full time. Here are some resources that helped me become proficient when using it.

Becoming a WordPress Theme Reviewer

I just attended the 2015 PDX WordCamp and am now helping out at the contributor day. Of course contributing to core can be done in a number of ways, but one of the areas that I’ve always wanted to help out with is through theme review. The above link to the theme review handbook is quite comprehensive in regards … Continued

Lessons from Cycling the Oregon Coast

I’ve returned home from riding my bike along the Oregon Coast. It has certainly been a long trek, and while I’m not ready to go another 380 miles this next week, I can say that I had fun, and will likely go on future tours. Distance Moving Time Elevation Strava Link Totals 383.7 32:12:28 18,461 … Continued

Discovering Browser-sync

There’s a new tool that I’m loving as I explore various ways to streamline my multi-device development. This tool is a node module, which synchronizes interactions between multiple browsers and devices, enabling multiple, concurrent views of the same state of a website. So as an example, we would start browser-sync on the root directory … Continued