Intro to Using Awk

Awk is a powerful tool for working with text on the command line. Find out what awk is, as well as examples for making sense of an Nginx access log.

Contributing to Upstream WordPress

While reviewing the Site Reset Local Addon, I found that there were issues in the WPCLI db-command. I feel like I have a general idea of what needs fixing, but navigating the path towards upstream contribution can be overwhelming. So after bringing it up with my manager, I have the green light to take some time during the … Continued

Extracting Single Files From a Zip

I’ve been working with lots of zip files lately – site backups mostly. Often times this is because of some error message referring to a file contained within the archive. When the zip is quite large, having to extract gigabytes of information just to view the contents of one file is annoying. Because of this … Continued

Replacing Newlines in Vim Searches

While trying to get a clearer view of a line of text with 5 million characters in it, I ran into some nuances in Vim’s search and replace. The main issue was that replaceing the search string with a newline character – \n wasn’t visually creating a new line in the Vim buffer. I found … Continued