Using Spacemacs

I’ve started falling down the Emacs rabbit hole. I’m still too much of a Vim user to leave behind the modal editing experience. However, Spacemacs has proven to be a pretty good replacement, even though it doesn’t do everything in the “Vim” way.



The biggest reason I’ve been using Emacs lately has been the amazing Orgmode, and the way in which it can allow me to gather, organize, restructure and refine ideas and tasks as I’m working throughout the day.

If you haven’t taken a look at Orgmode, it’s like markdown, but way more powerful. It includes the basics of being able to markup text with simple conventions but adds to it the power of e-lisp to doing remarkable things like having full-fledged spreadsheet powered by raw text.

Publishing Posts using org2blog


One last piece of this is that the org2blog plugin allows me to write things in org-mode and publish them to a WordPress site using WP’s XML-RPC interface.

If you’re interested in how some of this is setup, I’ve been commiting and pushing changes to the .spacemacs file in my dotfiles repo.