A screenshot of an Emacs window showing the WPCLI project.

Time-block Open Source Contributions

In an effort to become more familiar with the tools I use every day, as well as make them better, I’m starting to carve out time in my week to contribute to Open-source.

This has been a few weeks in the making, where I basically have:

  1. Made the case with my employer/manager that I should give back (it was an easy case to make!)
  2. Carve out time on my calendar.
  3. Lurk on projects to see where I should help.
  4. Start helping!

Since I love the terminal and am using WordPress daily, helping with WPCLI makes sense.

So what did I do today?

Part of me wanting to write these less polished blog posts is to keep me honest about contributing, as well as help establish the habit of working and writing. Ok, so what did I do during today’s open-source time block?

Two main things:

  1. My first pull request to WPCLI was accepted!
  2. Searched through the oldest issues for WPCLI on Github to see if I can replicate, clarify, or possibly close any of them.

Replicating an issue with the core update subcommand

It turns out that the oldest issue seems to be a good-first-issue.

After a little digging in the source code and trying some things in the terminal, I was able to distill down a more direct list of reproduction steps.

My block time is up for today, but leaving myself breadcrumbs in that issue, as well as on this blog, should allow me to dive in soon with a fix!