Category: Web Development

  • Fixing ERR_CERT_INVALID in Chrome

    Fixing ERR_CERT_INVALID in Chrome

    Resources and tools I used when researching an ERR_CERT_INVALID error within Google Chrome.

  • Using Unix Date for Bash Filename Timestamp

    I’ve started using a neat Bash trick for inserting time stamps into file names — insert a timestamp using command substitution (posix specification): Yes, this is a pain to type out — the first time. But going to the effort of writing this out allows us to quickly recall a command which gives us a filename…

  • Clearing PageSpeed Cache Using the Browser

    Clearing the PageSpeed cache wasn’t working when logging in as root and ‘touching’ the config file, so I enabled admin access through the browser.

  • Building a Site Scraper to Find Problem Urls in WordPress

    Sometimes all you need is a quick scraper to help you get the information missed in a database search-and-replace. I recently hacked together this single use scraper repo. Fork, extend and tweak for your needs!

  • Finding and Clearing PageSpeed Cache

    How to flush `mod_pagespeed` cache in LiquidWeb’s new Managed WordPress package.

  • Becoming a WordPress Theme Reviewer

    I just attended the 2015 PDX WordCamp and am now helping out at the contributor day. Of course contributing to core can be done in a number of ways, but one of the areas that I’ve always wanted to help out with is through theme review. The above link to the theme review handbook is quite comprehensive in regards…

  • Password Protecting a Directory Using NGINX

    How to password protect a directory using NGINX. This concept is similar to Apache’s password protection of directories using .htaccess rules.

  • Discovering Browser-sync

    There’s a new tool that I’m loving as I explore various ways to streamline my multi-device development. This tool is a node module, which synchronizes interactions between multiple browsers and devices, enabling multiple, concurrent views of the same state of a website. So as an example, we would start browser-sync on the root directory…

  • Vagrant Tools for WordPress Development

    The whole Vagrant ecosystem is developing rapidly with numerous tools being updated and created. While it’s hard to keep up with all the new individual software entrants, there are a couple of tools that I keep coming back to as I become more comfortable with my WordPress development workflow. Vagrant Tools VVV (Varying Vagrant Vagrants) Alison…