Clearing PageSpeed Cache Using the Browser

I was using the method outlined in my post for clearing the pagespeed cache on a Managed Liquid Web Server, but recently that method stopped working for me.

Using Liquid Web’s chat support I discovered that you can clear the cache using your browser by whitelisting your IP to use the PageSpeed Admin.

To replicate, login as root to the server and edit the pagespeed.conf file:

[root@host ~]# vim /etc/httpd/conf/pagespeed.conf

There should be a block that looks like this:

<Location /pagespeed_admin>
Order allow,deny
Allow from localhost
Allow from
Allow from # add your IP here
SetHandler pagespeed_admin

Save the file and restart Apache. My server was a CentOS one, so:

[root@host ~]# service httpd restart

Doing this should allow you to access the PageSpeed admin by going to the URI at the site’s IP. For example, if the IP for was — you would navigate to

Behold, Web 0.1 in all of it’s glorious styling!

All that’s left is to navigate to the ‘Caches’ page and click ‘Purge Cache’ :

Example browser clearing PageSpeed cache