WPCLI Focus Time – 2021-09-24

Another block of focus time for the WPCLI project! I continued working on issue 191 of the core command repo:

Even though the solution was simple and I was able to get a pull request created, I found that there may be some holes in how the WPCLI project onboards new contributors.

Basically, after following the steps in Working on the project as a whole, I noticed that I was missing a number of subcommands:

A screenshot comparing two terminal sessions, one using a default installation of wpcli, and one after creating a dev sandbox.

I’m asking for a bit of direction in the WordPress #cli slack channel, but my hunch is that the main wp-cli repo needs an update to the composer.json that includes the various subcommands:

    "require-dev": {
        "roave/security-advisories": "dev-master",
        "wp-cli/db-command": "^1.3 || ^2",
        "wp-cli/entity-command": "^1.2 || ^2",
        "wp-cli/extension-command": "^1.1 || ^2",
        "wp-cli/package-command": "^1 || ^2",
        "wp-cli/wp-cli-tests": "^3.0.7"