Category: Open Source Contributions

  • QA FSE 15: Category Customization

    I had some time to contribute to WP, and I’ve always loved how the Full-site-editing outreach program lets anyone jump in and quickly get to testing specific features and functionality. Today, I worked on QA’ing the latest one: FSE Program Testing Call #15: Category Customization Questions Did the experience crash at any point? No crashes!…

  • WPCLI Focus Time – 2021-10-20

    WPCLI Focus Time – 2021-10-20

    Another block of focus time trying to help the WPCLI project. This time learning more about Behat and functional testing.

  • WPCLI Focus Time – 2021-10-01

    WPCLI Focus Time – 2021-10-01

    Continuing to learn about WPCLI. I focus on how to run the Behat tests under a Local site as well as explore the wp-cli-dev package!

  • WPCLI Focus Time – 2021-09-24

    WPCLI Focus Time – 2021-09-24

    Another block of focus time for the WPCLI project! I continued working on issue 191 of the core command repo: Unexpected HTML output when updating WordPress #191 Even though the solution was simple and I was able to get a pull request created, I found that there may be some holes in how the WPCLI project…

  • Time-block Open Source Contributions

    Time-block Open Source Contributions

    Contributing to Open-source is important — so I’m blocking off time to do it, and going to write about it!

  • QA FSE Polished Portfolios

    Contributed to the Polished Portfolios testing call to become more familiar with Full-site editing in Gutenberg.

  • Getting Started with WordPress Gutenberg Development

    Taking a look at the current state of Gutenberg development with a focus on full-site editing.

  • Contributing to Upstream WordPress

    While reviewing the Site Reset Local Addon, I found that there were issues in the WPCLI db-command. I feel like I have a general idea of what needs fixing, but navigating the path towards upstream contribution can be overwhelming. So after bringing it up with my manager, I have the green light to take some time during the…