Category: WordPress

  • QA FSE 15: Category Customization

    I had some time to contribute to WP, and I’ve always loved how the Full-site-editing outreach program lets anyone jump in and quickly get to testing specific features and functionality. Today, I worked on QA’ing the latest one: FSE Program Testing Call #15: Category Customization Questions Did the experience crash at any point? No crashes!…

  • QA FSE Polished Portfolios

    Contributed to the Polished Portfolios testing call to become more familiar with Full-site editing in Gutenberg.

  • Getting Started with WordPress Gutenberg Development

    Taking a look at the current state of Gutenberg development with a focus on full-site editing.

  • PDX WordCamp 2017 – Trellis, Bedrock and Follow Up

    I had a great time last weekend at WordCamp PDX 2017 presenting an overview of Trellis and Bedrock – two projects. Here are some notes and follow-up information.

  • Speaking at WordCamp PDX About

    The schedule has been finalized for the 2017 PDX WordCamp, happening on September 23rd at Lewis and Clark College. There are a lot of great talks, and I’m glad that I can contribute to the community by sharing my knowledge of managing a WordPress site using the various projects. As of right now, all…

  • WP Asciinema Plugin

    I created a plugin called WP Asciinema to help add Asciicasts created using to WordPress. This is plugin is meant to help self-host asciicasts on your WordPress site. If you are simply wanting to include asciicasts from, then take a look at their embedding guidelines. Usage This plugin adds a shortcode to help display the…